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  1. 音乐
· 9 个评分
GeoShred Play Version 5, with In-App-Purchases for GeoSWAM and Naada instruments on devices running iOS 11.4 or greater.
With GeoShred Play, everyone can shred using the new diatonic playing surface! You can Shred the Blues and never hit a wrong note. Slide your finger in any direction and let the magic happen using a scale that fits perfectly against a backing track. Seamlessly move between fretless and diatonic modalities in a magical musical way using our isomorphic and diatonic playing surface and groundbreaking intelligent pitch rounding.
GeoShred Play is a play-only version of the award-winning GeoShred musical instrument for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. GeoShred Play can be used to perform GeoShred Pro presets.
It's a great way to get started with GeoShred, AND it can be upgraded** to ALL of the powerful GeoShred Pro features like preset editing, AUv3 plugin support, MIDI/MPE, and setlist editing. GeoShred Play can also purchase GeoSWAM IAP instruments.
Gold Medal Winner of the 2019 Denny Award, winner of a 2019 Guthman New Musical Instrument Award, and winner of the 2017 Electronic Musician Editor's Choice Award as "one of the most innovative, groundbreaking products to emerge in the past twelve months".
GeoShred’s performance surface with “almost magic” pitch rounding algorithms is coupled with a model of the physics of strings. It’s a fusion of Jordan Rudess’ performance concepts and moForte’s powerful, modeled guitar/effects based on the Physical Modeling research of Dr. Julius O. Smith III of Stanford/CCRMA.
GeoShred Play Features Include:
• A fluidly expressive playing surface + a Physically modeled guitar
• A diatonic keyboard where every key on the screen is in the scale.
• Support for backing tracks
• 3D touch on devices that support 3D touch.
• Inter-App Audio and Audiobus support.

Praise for the GeoShred family of apps:
“GeoShred is brilliant- it’s a real instrument.” – Eddie Jobson
“A fantastic new invention which is going to revolutionize the way music is played, expressed and learned! “GeoShred” is one of the foremost best musical inventions I’ve had the pleasure to experience in recent years. Definitely 5 stars out of 5! GIGANTASTIVISSIMO…..R…A…Z !!!!!” – Patrick Moraz
“That’s just nuts. You’re [Jordan] the best-guitarist-without-a-guitar of all time” – Joe Satriani
“GeoShred is a breakthrough [musical instrument] for the iPad. Some might think it’s the best evidence yet that there has indeed been reverse engineering of alien technology, but if that’s the case, then aliens play guitar…and worship Jimi Hendrix.” – Craig Anderton Harmony Central
We are dedicated to offering the highest level of musical instrument experience for our customers worldwide. It would mean a lot to us if you could leave your positive review on the App Store and If you have any questions about GeoShred we would love to hear from you at our support email address: support@moforte.com
Minimum Requirements: iOS 11.4 or better is required for AUv3 support and GeoSWAM instruments.
*Note: The GeoSWAM instruments can ONLY be performed from the GeoShred keyboard or MPE controllers.
**Note: Unfortunately, due to App Store limitations, previously purchased instrument IAPs can not be applied to a purchase of the collection IAP.
***Note: The Pro upgrade is to the functionality of GeoShred Pro. The app is still GeoShred Play, but it has all the Pro features and is identical to GeoShred Pro
  1. 工具
· 293 个评分
全新推出“短信过滤”app,一款专为 iPhone 打造的垃圾短信过滤 app,让你免受垃圾短信的骚扰。
“短信过滤” app 通过短信关键词和电话号码来识别和过滤垃圾短信。
• 添加无限量的自定义过滤规则
• 无需联网权限,安全可靠地过滤垃圾短信,隐私不外泄
• “黑名单”、“白名单”双名单过滤模式,过滤垃圾短信的同时确保重要短信不被误过滤
• 内置的检查器让您测试和验证过滤规则
• 导出和分享过滤规则到“微信”、QQ、iMessage 等应用
• 导入由其他用户分享的过滤规则
• 3D Touch 主屏幕快捷键
  1. 摄影与录像
· 51 个评分
• 从Instagram或相册选择照片或者直接使用摄像头拍摄新照片 
• 使用照片编辑器裁剪照片或为照片添加文本,我们提供众多精心挑选的华丽字体 
• 使用Fliptastic声道(包括5首歌曲)或使用您音乐库中的歌曲为您的视频添加背景音乐 
• 应用各种超酷的动画过渡效果,包括淡入淡出、模糊和滑动 
• 在Instagram、Facebook和YouTube上分享
• 适用于iOS 7












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